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The difference between invasive and noninvasive leak detection

Although many people think the professions are similar, plumbers and leak detectors perform very different jobs. Leak detectors have focused their expertise on locating leaks quickly and effectively. They invest money in the necessary tools and training to accomplish the goal of noninvasive leak detection. In contrast, plumbers provide more generalized services and can perform invasive leak detection. Plumbers have the expertise necessary to repair pipelines, appliances, and waste disposal systems, and many plumbers have specialties that they are focused on.

Professional leak detectors are equipped for noninvasive leak detection. For example, at The Waterboy, we invest in tools like snake cameras, acoustic sensors, and infrared and thermal imaging cameras. These tools allow us to find the source of a leak without dismantling walls, drilling into slabs, or digging up your lawn. On the other hand, plumbers almost always perform invasive leak detection. Invasive leak detection is more accurately described as ‘educated guessing’. Plumbers are not likely to have the tools necessary to locate leaks without drilling or taking apart your home. Without the proper tools, leak detection is a lot like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Leak detection is an extremely specialized service that requires experience and advanced technology to perform correctly. Leak detectors and plumbers make great partners because they each have different and complementary skillsets. Your Waterboy leak detection expert will not repair your leak, but they will quickly locate the source without further damaging your home. Next, your plumber will be able to repair the leak. When you work with a leak detector, he or she will provide your plumber, like Coastal Plumbing, with the specific details of your leak so that your plumber can arrive on site with the proper tools and parts. This allows them to get right to work on repairs without the hassle of trial and error leak detection.

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