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Mystery Leak Detection

At The Waterboy, we know just how frustrating it can be to deal with a leak in your home. This frustration is doubled when you don’t know the source of the leak. The biggest challenge with any leak is locating the exact location of the leak and then addressing it before it causes further damage to your property. Professional leak detection services can help alleviate the stress of a leak while also expediting the restoration process.

How can you tell if you have a mystery leak?

Due to the nature of mystery leaks, there aren’t any specific signs to look for. Instead, we suggest looking for general signs of leaks, which include cupping wood floors, cracked paint, hot floors, and an increased water bill. If you’re looking for more signs you may have a leak, check out our blog article on the topic.

What are the challenges of determining the source of a mystery leak?

All leak detection presents unique challenges, and this is especially true of mystery leaks. There is a myriad of reasons you may experience a leak. Some examples include plumbing problems, aging roofing and groundwater intrusion. The sheer number of possibilities makes it difficult to identify the source of a mystery leak without prior training and experience in leak detection.

How can leak detection services help me?

When you’re dealing with a mystery leak, a professional leak detector is your greatest weapon against climbing water bills and mysterious water stains. We’ve built our business on our core values of integrity and dedication to our clients. We won’t rest until we find the source of your leak. The more quickly you call a leak detector, the more quickly a restoration professional will be able to repair your plumbing.

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