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Residential Leak Detection Los Angeles

There are many conditions that can cause a water leak on your property. If you cannot locate the source of the leak, you may need professional home leak detection services. From slab leaks to rusted pipes to leaky faucets, each residential leak detection case is unique, which is why having an experienced leak detector on your team is so important. Because of our years of experience and expertise in this field, we tackle each leak a little bit differently. We use state of the art, non-invasive technologies to identify the source of the leak, and once we identify the source of the leak, we can even help you file your insurance claim and recommend restoration professionals to fix the problem.

Learn more about the different types of leaks your home could be faced with:

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Pool & Spa

You invest in your pool, making sure it has all the balancing chemicals it needs and ensuring that no debris clogs the filter. Some water loss due to evaporation is natural, especially in warm and humid places like California. However, when you feel your water loss has crossed the line into a pool leak, it’s important to act fast and call a pool leak detector!

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Plumbing leak detection is a difficult task for any homeowner. These leaks can be hard to identify and can occur in plumbing housed within your walls or under your floors. Luckily, the experienced leak detectors at The Waterboy can get to the bottom of even the most hard-to-find leaks. We act quickly to locate the origin of the leak. We can also assist you in filing a claim with your homeowners’ insurance provider, and in finding a professional and reliable plumber to repair the leak.

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Home & Roof

In California, it’s important to conserve water whenever possible. Even small home and roof leaks can waste water resources and increase your water bill. You may experience a home leak from an old, dripping water heater or a roof leak from improperly installed shingles. Additionally, every appliance that is connected to your water line will have a seal around the connectors. Damaged and broken seals are another common cause of leaks. If you suspect a leak in your roof or in the structure of your home, we recommend that you reach out for professional home leak detection services.

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Septic Tank

Septic system leaks are some of the most dangerous leaks for any homeowner. The most common site of a leak is at the seam of the septic tank, which is typically several feet below the ground. If there are no outward signs of the leak, it can be particularly hard to locate the point of origin. Septic fluid is considered hazardous and can be harmful to your health. When you have a septic tank leak, you need experienced leak detection services!


Slab Leak Detection

Does your home have a concrete slab foundation? If so, then you may be vulnerable to slab leaks. Slab foundations are built atop a bed of crushed gravel above a layer of sewer lines and pressurized piping. When your pipes and sewer lines start to break down, this can cause a slab leak. Slab leaks typically only occur after long periods of corrosion, so it’s important to address them as soon as signs appear because they can cause your foundation to crumble if ignored.


Mystery Leak

At The Waterboy, we know just how frustrating it can be to deal with a leak in your home. This frustration is doubled when you don’t know the source of the leak. The biggest challenge with any leak is locating the exact location of the leak and then addressing it before it causes further damage to your property. We recommend professional home leak detection services to locate your leak.

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Irrigation Leak

Irrigation system leaks are tricky for every homeowner. The system is underground and outdoors, so small changes tend to go unnoticed. Failing plant life or brown spots on the grass can signal a leak. If you notice small holes in your yard, it is possible that animal damage could have caused your leak. It’s important to contact professional leak detectors who can diagnose your system without uprooting your lawn..

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We provide fast, efficient and exceptional service while upholding the highest standards of integrity. Regardless of the severity of your leak, we’ll work tirelessly to identify the problem and recommend a trusted, affiliated restoration professional.

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