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Every household is susceptible to different types of leaks. You may experience a home leak from an old, dripping water heater or a roof leak from improperly installed shingles. Every appliance that is connected to your water line will have a seal around the connectors. Damaged and broken seals are another common cause of leaks. If you notice condensation on your appliance or puddles on the floor nearby, you may have a broken seal. Although some leaks are visible, others can be much harder to detect. Leaks in your walls, ceilings, or roof structure are especially difficult to locate.

How do I know if I have a home or roof leak?

Home leaks can appear at any time, resulting in unsightly water stains on your ceiling, walls, and flooring. Most home leaks can be tackled quickly with the help of a leak detection professional. Water stains almost always indicate that you have a leak, but they can also be deceptive! The leak may not have originated behind the water stain and can be tough to locate without the right tools and experience.

A great trick for determining if you have household or roof leaks is to monitor your water bill. Even if you are a renter and you are not responsible for your water bill, you can still check the water meter to determine whether you’ve undergone an extreme increase in water usage. If your water use has drastically increased in the absence of other factors, a leak could be at fault! When you suspect a leak, don’t panic! You can repair many leaks quickly and cost-effectively.

What are the challenges of determining the source of home and roof leaks?

The biggest challenge to determining the source of home and roof leaks is the sheer surface area of the average home. If you have not seen signs of the leak, but have noticed an increase in your water bill, you may have no idea where to start. In cases like this, we may use nitrogen pressure systems to locate areas of water loss.

In California, we do not experience frequent rainfall. As a result, many homeowners do not feel a sense of urgency when it comes to repairing home leaks and may not even notice them for years after they appear. However, it’s important to note that leaks can cause serious structural damage if left unattended!

How can our team help?

We’ll arrive at your home quickly and fully prepared to begin leak detection. We respect your time and your home, so we arrive on schedule and get to work right away. Our state-of-the-art technology helps us locate the source of the leak quickly and non-invasively. From thermal imaging to ultrasonic sound tracing to pressure testing, we’ll find a way to get to the bottom of the problem! After we have completed the job, we leave your home exactly as we found it, so there’s no mess to clean up when we leave our worksite. Best of all, leak detection and repair services are typically covered by your homeowners’ insurance policy. We have decades of experience dealing with insurance companies, and we’ll help you complete the paperwork you need for your claim.

Did you know…?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, household leaks waste more than 1 trillion gallons of water every year. With all these leaks, you may be wondering why no one is fixing them! Often, homeowners simply don’t notice they have a problem, and at other times they fear a leak will be expensive to fix. It’s important to address problems quickly because the repairs will become costlier as the damage grows.

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