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Common places to check for a water leak

Suspect a water leak but don’t know where to look? As professional leak detectors, we’ve crafted a list of common leak locations to help you get started in your search.


The good news about faucet leaks is that they generally do not lead to long-term water damage. Having said this, leaking faucets can still be costly, losing between 2,000 and 20,000 gallons of water per year, depending on the severity of the water leak. All those gallons will add up on your water bill. Sometimes you can fix leaking faucets by adjusting valves and washers. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you’ll want to call a leak detector.

Supply Line

Every home has a supply line which is typically buried at least a few feet below the ground. As you might imagine, it’s particularly hard to locate leaks below ground. Luckily, if the supply line is leaking, your water utility provider is responsible for the repair cost. You may be able to spot a problem with the supply line by looking for damp soil along the span of the piping, or water in the meter box that can’t be explained by rain.


Did you know that your toilet is one of the most common leak locations in your home? Unfortunately, toilet leaks aren’t always simple. You may also notice a change in your water bill when you have what’s called a “running toilet”. This is not the same as a leak, but it causes similar problems. To differentiate between a leak and a running toilet, check for a leaky flapper or a water level above the overflow pipe, which would signal that you have a running toilet. If you hear hissing when you remove the lid of the toilet tank, you most likely have a leak.

Hot Water Tanks

If you have a noisy hot water tank, you likely have a leaking one. The pressure relief valve is a common source of problems. Because the pressure relief valve can be directly attached to the drain, it’s hard to spot the outward signs of a leak. Pay attention to what you hear and call a professional leak detector if you have any doubts.

Water damage doesn’t always happen overnight, so it’s a good idea to pay attention to the early signs of a leak to save money and protect your property in the long-run. Have you checked all these locations and still suspect a leak? Check out our article on the top signs leak signs to look for!

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