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Water Leak Detection Equipment

At The Waterboy, we love to help individuals find their own leaks whenever possible. This process is made considerably more difficult due to the wealth of misinformation online about water leak detection equipment. When it comes to leaks, there’s no such thing as a silver bullet. The tools you’ll need, particularly pool leak detection equipment and slab leak detection equipment, can cost thousands of dollars. We know you don’t take the purchase lightly.  That’s why we’ve decided to create a user guide to help you make your purchasing decisions.

A quick online search for water leak detectors will yield dozens of results, some costing as little as $10. Unfortunately, what you’re seeing is actually water alarms, which can be placed around your home or business to alert you if they come into contact with moisture. Although this can be useful in some situations, an alarm will not help you locate the source of a leak. Searching for “water leak location systems” or “leak detector kits” will be more likely to yield the results you’re looking for.

What do you need to find a leak?

To find a leak in your home, you will need a kit that uses sound amplification. If the leak is in your plumbing, sound can help you locate gurgling or hammering in water lines. Additionally, when it comes to slab leak detection equipment, sound amplification is invaluable because it means you don’t have to cause unnecessary damage to the foundation. Sound amplification is useful in pool leak detection equipment. This is because you can pinpoint the sound of hissing as water leaves the lining of the pool.

When you’re dealing with pool leak detection equipment, you may also need pressure testing capabilities. We suggest performing a pressure test of all plumbing lines to determine whether the leak is in the plumbing or the structure of your pool. Using the process of elimination, pressure testing helps you isolate which part of the pool is leaking.

How do you use leak detection equipment?

Finally, there is a large learning curve to contend with water leak detection equipment. While some systems, like the Sewerin systems, come with information on leak detection, it may still be a bit difficult to use the equipment, and even more challenging to interpret the readings. If you’re planning to invest in a system, look for one that’s fully wireless. Going hands free is extremely helpful for people who have not performed leak detection before. Additionally, cables can interfere with systems that work by detecting sound. This occurs because bumping and brushing the cords can create noise that registers on the sensors.

If you have any questions about pool leak detection equipment, slab leak detection equipment or general water leak detection equipment, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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