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Leak Detection in Bel Air

Leaks require immediate action to prevent further issues! Leaks can be tricky to track, and left alone even the tiniest drip can lead to mold growth and serious health problems. This is why we recommend consulting a specialized leak detection service provider. Plumbers and repairmen often use invasive methods which can cause disruption to your home, but at The Waterboy, we utilize the best in infrared and thermal imaging to locate and identify leaks. Our company provides superior leak detection in Bel Air and the surrounding area.

Roof leak, pool leak, or mystery leak – our dedicated team can find the problem! We’re experienced professionals, and when you partner with us you can have peace of mind knowing that our priority is protecting your home, not our billing hours.

Looking for leak detection in Bel Air?

Water is a valuable resource in California, and so water usage is a constant concern. Despite encouragement from the state to increase water conservation efforts and install high-efficiency appliances, each year millions of gallons of water are still wasted. Homeowners may be skeptical of the necessity for a leak detection service, but it is the ethical and moral option when you suspect a leak. Even the slowest leak can cause a loss of thousands of gallons of water per year and cause your utility bill to increase by at least 10%. Water leak damage can also lead to hazardous home environments, such as mold growth and corrosion. Mold spores pose a serious health hazard, and leaky pipes can compromise the structural integrity of a home.

Our team at the Waterboy will always report our findings with honesty and transparency. We’ve built our industry connections and experience over decades and can detect leaks of any severity. We work with the community to improve your livelihood and that of your neighbors. Your concerns and questions are always welcome, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How can our team help?

We understand that leaks can be a stressful emergency for homeowners. We act quickly and efficiently to minimize the strain on your personal time and your home. Furthermore, we arrive on schedule, and ready to work. Our state-of-the-art technology helps us quickly locate the source of the leak in a non-invasive fashion. We have the highest grade equipment, including infrared thermal imaging, electromagnetic pipe locators, nitrogen pressure tests, and electronic & ultrasonic sound tracing. This specialized equipment allows us to protect your home as we get the job done!

We use non-invasive tools for leak detection. That means there’s no mess and your home will be exactly the same as when we arrived! Best of all, repair services and leak detection are often covered by your homeowners’ insurance policy. We’re happy to provide our knowledge and experience in dealing with insurance companies to help you complete the paperwork for your claim. With the Waterboy team, you’ll always receive the best leak detection service from a company with integrity.

We provide leak detection in Bel Air and the surrounding area. Contact us today for a stress-free hassle-free consultation!

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We provide fast, efficient and exceptional service while upholding the highest standards of integrity. Regardless of the severity of your leak, we’ll work tirelessly to identify the problem and recommend a trusted, affiliated restoration professional.

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